Our faculty has been continuing to provide education since 2002 with the title of the first Faculty of Pharmacy, which started its education in a foundation university. Our faculty accepts students through the MF-3 score, and since its establishment, students with scholarship are located across the front row according to the base placement score in Turkey.

Our faculty has five years of undergraduate education and the language of instruction is English. In the first year of education, our students take the theoretical and practical lessons that are tailored to the needs of contemporary pharmacy in the second, third and fourth years while taking lessons that will facilitate compliance with basic science education, pharmacy terminology and vocational courses in their first year. Students completing internship training in practice pharmacy, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or pharmaceutical industry graduate by completing elective courses suitable for their career goals, graduation project and compulsory free pharmacy or hospital pharmacy internship for at least three months in the fifth year of training. With these internships, it is aimed to gain experience in a short period of time in various business fields which their professions allow themselves.

The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, from the third semester of undergraduate education; can take part in the double major at Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and minor training programs at Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Department and Nutrition and Dietetics at the Faculty of Health Sciences. Throughout the education period, many of our students can benefit from the ERASMUS+ program abroad, as well as through exchange programs with pharmacy faculties in the US and Canada. From the third year, there is also a "student assistant" opportunity to encourage our successful students to participate in research activities.