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Pharmacy Education at Yeditepe From R&D to Campus Life

Prof. Meriç Köksal Akkoç and our Alumni Dr. Pharm. Metin Uyar are hosted on Bloomberg HT

Yeditepe University will display its projects that light the future, R&D efforts, and university–industry collaborations on the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Attending the Educational Center program of Bloomberg HT, Yeditepe University will discuss its vision for the future with its academics, students, and alumni.

Prof. Meriç Köksal Akkoç, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Yeditepe University, and alumni of the same faculty, as well as a columnist at Hürriyet, Dr. Pharm. Metin Uyar are hosted by Turgut Özay on 15 May Saturday, at 11.35. Prof. Dr. Meriç Köksal Akkoç and Dr. Pharm. Metin Uyar will discuss the pharmacy education at Yeditepe University in many aspects, from R&D to university-industry collaborations and to additional education, development and social activity possibilities of being a campus university.