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What is the Faculty of Pharmacy?

Development, preparation and delivery of all kinds of drugs used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases; informing patients accurately about drug use and drug-related problems; analysis of the drug, surveillance of its safety, efficacy and cost; the health service that carries out activities related to standardization and quality assurance related to drugs is called "Pharmacy". A healthcare professional who graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and is authorized to carry out pharmacy activities is called a "Pharmacist". The Faculty of Pharmacy is a 5-year undergraduate program covering theoretical and practical courses. Practical courses, which form the basis of pharmacy education, take place in the laboratories of the faculty of pharmacy. In addition, students have the opportunity to do internships in hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical factories due to the compulsory internship they have to complete during their education.

Studying Pharmacy at Yeditepe University

The Faculty of Pharmacy is an institution that has a special place among Yeditepe University Educational Institutions and has a brand value, as well as a faculty that aims to graduate students fully equipped with the latest technological opportunities. Thanks to our qualified academic staff, laboratory facilities, our language of instruction are English, and our strong cooperation with all stakeholders and especially with the pharmaceutical industry, our students graduate from our faculty with all the competencies in the field of pharmacy. Students can closely follow scientific studies related to their field around the world with its library with extensive electronic and printed resources. In addition to all these, students are offered the opportunity to do internships in pharmaceutical companies with which the faculty cooperates and to find a job in these companies after graduation. Collaborations within the scope of ERASMUS+, extensive internship opportunities both at homeland and abroad, and extensive minor and double major opportunities offer our students the opportunity to gain broad and different experiences. In line with these opportunities, Yeditepe University is at the top of the ranking list of pharmacy faculties in Turkey. Yeditepe University, which has a distinguished place both among the universities in our country and in the world, is an educational institution for prospective students to make sure that they make the right choice.

What Does a Pharmacy Graduate Do? Where Do They Work?

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals responsible for the safe and effective use of a drug. In this context, the role of the pharmacist is great in many fields related to the drug. After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy, there are many employment areas where the pharmacist can work. Here, the person can choose a path according to his/her individual characteristics and preferences. A pharmacy store comes to mind first in society when it comes to pharmacy, and the most important employment area of pharmacists is pharmacy stores where primary health care is provided. Graduates can open their own pharmacies in the province or district where they are located in accordance with the legislation (law), as well as work as an assistant pharmacist or secondary pharmacist in pharmacies, and also as a pharmacist in hospital pharmacies. Apart from this, pharmacists are preferred primarily in many different departments in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic and medical device companies. With the introduction of clinical pharmacy and phytopharmacy specialization training in our country with the Pharmacy Specialization Examination (EUS), a new employment area has been opened for pharmacists. On the other hand, there are job opportunities in pharmaceutical warehouses and also in various public institutions. Graduates who want to continue their academic careers can participate in the master's and doctorate programs of their choice in line with their career goals and have the opportunity to work as an academician.

Student Exchange Programs

Within the scope of the ERASMUS+ program, which is organized by the European Union and whose basic philosophy is defined as "Lifelong Learning Activities", there are student exchange programs (Study Mobility) and internship opportunities abroad (Internship Mobility). The aim of the ERASMUS+ Program is to develop projects to provide students with international education opportunities, to contribute to cultural development, to support academic exchange between universities and to increase cooperation in fields such as internships. In this context, it may be possible for our academically successful students of Yeditepe University Faculty of Pharmacy to complete one or two semesters of their education abroad at universities that have signed an agreement with our faculty. In this context, our faculty has signed ERASMUS+ agreements with seven different pharmacy faculties in European Union member countries, and it contributes to both academic and cultural development of our students by allowing them to continue their education in 6 different European Union countries within the scope of this program.

Double Major and Minor Programs

Double Major Program

Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy can participate in double major programs in the following departments, starting from the third semester of their undergraduate education. At the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration 

Double Major Programs

Double Major Programs Table


Minor Program 

Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy can participate in the minor program in the departments specified in the table in the link given below, starting from the third and latest sixth semester of undergraduate education. 

Minor Programs

Minor Programs Table