Vision & Mission


The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to provide pharmacy education in accordance with the national and international quality systems in order to protect public health and to improve the quality of life for individuals, to conduct high-level scientific research that contributes to universal knowledge based on current and accurate knowledge, and to train qualified pharmacists who can take on the leadership role in all application areas, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • To carry all the health services of the pharmacist forward,
  • To increase the skilled workforce through the employment of pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • To provide leading pharmacists who can hold senior positions in all units of national and international pharmaceutical companies,
  • To strengthen the collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry,
  • To adopt the personalized pharmaceutical care approach,
  • To increase the prestige and importance of the pharmacy profession for the society, through the alumni who adhere to the ethical values,
  • To be a faculty of pharmacy that raises research-oriented, creative, entrepreneur, self-confident and leading pharmacists and is always different and noticeable.