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We carefully follow the progress in vaccination studies developed against CoViD-19.
Prof. Ahmet Aydın, head of the Toxicology Department, answered the questions of Melike Şahin from the NTV team about the vaccine development studies.
The fact that 169 different groups work towards a CoViD-19 vaccine in the world gives hope for the disease prevention. Stating that there is sufficient infrastructure for vaccination studies in Turkey, Prof. Aydın stated, however, that there are no studies that have passed to the clinical stage.
Prof. Aydın briefly provided information on the stages of vaccine and drug development studies. Preclinical studies include animal experiments and other laboratory studies. Clinical studies, on the other hand, consist of three stages: Phase-1 is the stage of testing the drug/vaccine on a small number of healthy volunteers, while in Phase-2, a large number of patients are studied. In Phase-3, the study spreads to thousands of patients.
To the question of whether all countries will have access once the vaccine has been found, Prof. Aydın replied as “A large number of vaccine production facilities are required to produce vaccine sufficient for everyone. We may not be able to reach large doses immediately.”
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