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Following the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey, some sectors and people have tried to turn the epidemic into an opportunity. While there is a price hike in disinfectant, cologne, latex gloves, and vitamins that strengthen the immune system, fake products began to be produced. Celebrities with millions of followers on social media also shared the product that is not on the 'Approved Food Supplement List' of the Ministry of Agriculture, with the claim that it is effective against coronavirus.
Prof. Erdem Yeşilada, Head of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy Department at Faculty of Pharmacy of our University, answered DHA's questions on the subject. 'Since they could not get permission from both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, there is a fault in this. Therefore, people need to be careful with people who want to take advantage of such situations. 'Prof. Yeşilada made the following evaluations about the product:
“I looked at the ad, and there are ambitious statements such as 'It protects your immune system, makes the immune system like a stone' When I look at the formula, there is beta-glucan in it. It is an immune supplement that we all know, but it is not possible for these types of products to take effect before three weeks. Besides, the amount of beta-glucan is also critical. Are there 10 milligrams, 50 milligrams or 100 milligrams inside? It can be seen how quickly the effect can occur according to the ad. Apart from that, there is black elderberry, propolis. This formula is taken orally, and when intaken, it is metabolized in the stomach and intestinal system. Therefore, it loses its effect on viruses. These types of products are effective only as lozenges. When you take it to the stomach, they have no effect on the virus as it has polyphenol. It can only support as an anti-inflammatory in the future. This is hugely misleading— the thought of deceiving people when they found the medium in the market immediately. I also saw the ad, expressions like 'there are very high sales rates' were used. People are in a panic already right now. So whatever you recommend, they are in a position to use it. Therefore, it is incredibly problematic ethically to take advantage of this weakness of people.”