“Pharmaceutical Industry Course with Bayer” Certificates Given

The final guest of the "Pharmaceutical Industry with Bayer" courses held at Yeditepe University was Bayer Pharmaceuticals Turkey Director Dr. Oğuz Mülazımoğlu.

The last "Pharmaceutical Industry with Bayer" course organized in collaboration with Bayer and Yeditepe University Faculty of Pharmacy was held with the participation of Bayer Pharmaceuticals Turkey Director Dr. Oğuz Mülazımoğlu. Certificates were given to participant students after the course.

The 14 weeks of training by Yeditepe University, Faculty of Pharmacy and Bayer hosted many names in the field of pharmaceutical experts.

The last course was held at Yeditepe University Blue Hall with Yeditepe University Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Prof.Dr. Akkoç Meric Köksal, Vice Deans Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hande Sipahi and Assist. Prof. Dr. E. Ece Gürdal Hakgör, Bayer Turkey Director Dr. Oğuz Mülazımoğlu, Medical Director Sabahat Oral, Pharmacovigilance & Medical Information Country Manager Pharm. Banu Ünal and a large number of senior officials.

"Never lose your desire to learn"

Speaking at the Course, Bayer Turkey Director Dr. Oğuz Mülazımoğlu stated that they were inspired by the students during the lessons, saying that the new concept was "reverse mentoring" and that they also learned a lot from the students.

Mülazımoğlu stated that he finished his 25th year in the sector, and gave students the following suggestions:

"Never lose that child in you and your desire to learn. Always be innovative-progressive, do not deprive yourself of the 'is there more I can do' feeling. Competition is hard everywhere... The most important condition of staying in competition is to trust yourself; if you fall one day you will have to stand up from there and perhaps continue to be stronger than you were. Life continues by learning. School comes to an end, however, education activities never end, and when they do not end, you achieve something in life. Because that's the only way you can overcome challenges on your way."

In addition, Prof. Dr. Meriç Köksal Akkoç stated that the Faculty of Pharmacy of Yeditepe University was established with a different mission and emphasized that they aim to be in contact with the sector in order to be able to raise quality pharmacists demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. Prof. Dr. Akkoç added “In line with this goal, we have achieved a first in Turkey, we have organized this course for managers at the highest level with the participation of a pharmaceutical company with high brand value and we feel the presence of Yeditepe graduates strongly within the last ten years in the drug industry as a result of the studies carried out in this context. Prof. Dr. Meriç Köksal Akkoç pointed out that students also need to improve themselves in order to be different and to be noticed.

After the course, certificates were given to students who completed the 14 weeks training successfully.